Sarah Linton

About Sarah

Hi, I'm Sarah and I travel all around New Zealand working on horses and with their owners to create happy and pain-free partnerships.

I have ridden most of my life and always had a connection with animals - especially horses and dogs.

I am a keen photographer. I have a certificate of Professional Photography with the New York Institute of Photography. Equine sport photography is my favorite. I have done quite a few weddings and I have also sold landscape photos too. Most of the photos on this site are my own.

I used to run Herbal and Aromatherapy Workshops and was one of the few to teach these well over 20 years ago. I taught people how to use herbs from their garden and also make natural products using essential oils and herbal extracts.

I trained in Human Massage well over 15 years ago which included relaxation, sports massage and aromatherapy. I have also done a human sports massage refresher course a few years ago but Equine & Canine Massage is definitely my preference.

I enjoy riding as often as I can and like going to practice jumping days, day treks, endurance and CTR rides and hacking. I would like more time to do more and certainly love doing a bit of everything. Eventing would be my first choice if I had the right horse and more time.

I work full time as an Equine Body Worker, Therapist and Saddle Fitting Assessor. My Horse Therapy work is so busy now that I hardly have time to do anything else! I regularly attend equine courses where ever I can.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me with websites and photos and case studies etc over the years. I really appreciate the help especially since Im not a computer whizz! Darelle Thomson was especially patient with me and deserves special thanks!

Thank you to Kristin Baylis of Snapfire Designs for designing and building this new website to get it up and running. Its great to have a new perspective on things.

A special thanks to Jen Ravens for helping me with editing photos, designing my logo and giving me photos to use for my banners.

I couldn't have done it without you all.

Thanks :o)