Sarah Linton

Therapies & Saddle Fitting Testimonials


Hi Sarah, I just had to tell you about my happy happy horse Serenity!!! I can’t believe what a different horse I have since our last appointment. She no longer tries to bite me when I put her saddle on, and really seems to enjoy her walks/trots and poles without complaint. And she loves her massage and carrot stretches!!

But I have to tell you about her canter….. She always used to rush at the canter, never collected and I found it hard to stay sitting well in the seat. I cantered her after her last appointment and I thought I was on a different horse!!! Calm, collected - it was like I was velcroed to the saddle!!! Since her back has been treated, and saddle fitted, and working on my riding position, we seem so much better balanced together.

I love having a happy horse, and for the first time we are going forward with our training and she is now jumping 90cm with much enthusiasm…. I have learnt so much and can’t wait for you to assess my other horse now as I refuse to ride in a saddle unless I know its well fitted, knowing what a difference it can make!

It has been such a great investment - thank you on behalf of my happy horses!

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Gail Grant

Sarah came to see Pretty Girl today and while I was filing her notes, I realised that she has been seeing Pretty for over three years now. When she first met Pretty she was a banged up OTTB and none of the six saddles I had fitted her! Sarah helped Pretty with her massages, exercises and stretches, and helped me find the perfect saddle for us both that didn’t break the bank.

Since then, Sarah has continued to visit Pretty to give her regular body work sessions as Pretty is prone to getting stiff in her lumber region (racing didn’t do her bone growth any favours!). She has massaged Pretty through her pregnancy, after the foal was born, when coming back into work, and always makes sure the saddle is fitting correctly.

Pretty likes to change shape regularly and keep everyone on their toes! She went above and beyond to help out the foal when she cracked her radius, using her red light therapy and letting me keep her bioptron light machine for a month or so to work on her myself. All my horses love Sarah and look forward to ‘the carrot lady’ coming. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah to meet all your horses needs, not only with saddle fitting, but regular body work to help keep them healthy and happy

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April Goldsmith

Sarah worked on April's horse Rocky for the Beyond the Barriers challenge at Equidays. Here's what April has to say:

"Thank you so much Sarah for all your help and support in getting Rocky to Equidays. Couldn't have done it without you!"

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Patricia Millar

I purchased my 5 year old Grey Mare Savannah Easter 2011, I remember this because I had her on trial for a week and two days into the trial on Easter Sunday (of course cause vets are more attentive then) went out to the paddock to find she had ripped her rear leg down to the bone …. so begins our love hate relationship.

Six months of bandaging and Manuka Honey, we are now riding, she is great on a loose rein trekking as soon as we gather her up she becomes twitchy her canter when we finally get going is not the most comfortable. She is moody on the ground sensitive to brushing, put it down to her being a mare. After a three hour ride one day walking home on a loose rein she decides to dump me in on the roadside and breaks my collarbone and two ribs, Six month for me. 2012 and we are back into work, she is still not happy swishy tail, uncomfortable canter, starting to get a nice walk, trot, canter the nose straight up in the air like a bee has stung her – vet called - hay fever!

That be spring, course of Antihistamines. Some problems have resolved - still high stepping and not comfortable when collected. Turn on the forehand her rear legs do not cross over instead we have Frank Spencer dancing “toe together, toe together. Point point!”. After a course of Vets, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, physiotherapists I am beginning to resign to the fact I have bought a brood mare.

After a few months off a friend has told me about this saddle fitter who also does therapy on backs maybe a lot of my problem is my saddle. Ok one final resort I will spend the money and time but this is it! Sarah’s first visit is November 2013 her notes read – hind feet lift inconsistently high, more so R hind, (like string halt – similar look) bum high. Muscle wastage in wither pocket. Very tight lumber. Backing very sticky. Reactive around wither worse on L side very tight and reactive in lumbar area. Higher R side hip area and slightly tighter side under R shoulder.

I have three saddles none of them fit! OMG who is this woman!! Sarah leaves giving me some homework for us to do including pole exercises and gentle massage. I have made a commitment to give it a go and if this effort showed no improvement she and the horse were out. 2nd visit December 2013 notes - not high steeping as much, movement much freer, backing up freely 3rd visit Jan 2014 – a little bit of tightness pretty good all round. Excellent leg stretches.

Maybe not a brood mare after all, ok let’s order that new expensive saddle as am over riding bare back. I would love to say it has been all plain sailing since however the human owner has lapsed and not continued with the homework procrastinated and made excuses too busy, cant afford it bla bla bla. Thankfully Sarah understands us and knows that I have seen the wickedness of my ways - Sarah calls a spade a spade – she don’t beat around the bush she don’t pander to your needs she is there for your horse’s needs.

2016 has been a successful year for us Savannah and I have been out competing and had a few collects along with a win in a 90cm FEI, have been jumping over a meter in training, have been hunting, so much fun! Her canter is now the most comfortable pace. No bucking, swishing, likes to play with others although, smoochey yes even smoochy. OK her Dressage still needs lots more work although now she can canter a circle holding her head fairly still. I am sure with Sarah’s continued support we will make it to the dressage arena …

So in a nut shell if you’re looking for a therapist that doesn’t feed you bullshit and is there for the betterment of your horse and not to cater to your whims contact Sarah. Oh and most importantly...DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

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Tina and Neil Masters

Sarah has massaging and working with our horses for the past 4 years.. we have super happy horses because of the care Sarah has given them.. Sarah knows her craft and we are lucky to have her

What do we like about working with Sarah…? She is professional, she is trained, skilled with a depth of knowledge and experience for working with horses and identifying issues and niggles either large or small. From there she has tailored solutions as to what they need to help them get through that phase..

She is continually upskilling keeping up to date with new techniques.. and on top of all that she is bubbly and fun.. around her our horses are at ease and relaxed.. Sarah also shows us techniques for massage we can use on our horses in between her visit.. she’s about sharing her knowledge to help relieve tension, improve flexibility and generally keep the horse happy.. which is what we like too.

We show jump our horses and they get put under a lot of pressure during their SJ season.. Sarah is available at HOY which I find invaluable.. we do regular shorter massage sessions during the week to relieve tension.. free up tight spots - giving them every opportunity to go out and feel good in the ring..

The past four years have bought fantastic long lasting change and benefits for our horses.. they have great muscle balance which helps their muscles fire in the proper sequence keeping them strong in the right places.. allowing them to do their job with strength and comfort..

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Keryn Brown

I met Sarah through Endurance about 2005. She has been my "go to" person ever since, for saddle fit, joint and muscle issues and rehabilitation. Although I am no longer able to ride Endurance, I still have two retired horses and two "nana" riding horses.

They all enjoy Sarah's regular visits - older horse massage for Flo and Mo keeps them comfortable and flexible. Of course there is always the special carrot stretches which can tempt the most reluctant pony!! Nana horse Noah is still growing, so needs Sarah's expertise to keep his saddle fitting and her rehab exercises to sort his minor imbalances so they don't become major issues. Maya has just arrived and will be seeing Sarah for a check up and saddle fit.

I can't recommend Sarah highly enough. I have learned from her that the sooner a pain/muscle problem is recognised and treated, the less of an issue it is for the horses' performance, good saddle fit is included in this. I tried other practitioners when Sarah was not available, although they offered help with the immediate issue - a strained sacro-iliac joint, they didn't offer any rehabilitation advice. Sarah came to our rescue, I was diligent in doing her exercises so Mouse made an excellent recovery with no lasting issues. Sarah has a wonderful way with the horses. They all love her (and her carrots)!

Aside from her knowledge and expertise with saddle fit and therapeutic treatment, she is a patient teacher who willing shares her skills with owners to improve their horses well being. Sarah is a therapist who is always expanding her knowledge and skills. I respect and value her input to keep all my horses, in their varying ages and stages of life, flexible, pain free and happy.

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Sophie Ireland

I've used Sarah to treat my horse for a long time now. He's a big Thoroughbred and when we first got him he was so skinny you wouldn't even recognise the horse he is today.

She told me plenty of little tips that you wouldn't even think about that made such a difference! She helped with encouraging me to get him back to a well fed horse!! (Very tubby tb now) I haven't had problems with weight since. Lincoln loves her massages, and thinks I'm awesome after for letting him have one! Aswell as saddle fitting problems that she fixed, Lincoln had ongoing back problems because of the saddle. Now there all fixed!! She also educated me on what to look for when fitting the saddle and how to tell problems with my horse and what is causing them! Very happy ponies at my place now I know how to make them happy with massages, healthy horses and excellent fitting saddles!!

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Jenny Chandler

As an endurance rider I know that saddle fit and muscle condition is extremely important. Before endurance I had a saddle that fitted every horse I put it on – yeah right! Yes you can get away with a lot when you only ride your horse for a short time each day, but when you ride up to 160km in one day you must have a saddle that fits.

I was luckily enough to win a session with Sarah when she kindly donated a prize for the WEG 2014 Endurance team… right at the time I was beginning to suspect my horse, Tigger, was having saddle problems, happy day!

Sarah is very knowledgeable and could very quickly point out how and why the current saddle was not suitable. We then went through a number of trial saddles as I learnt the art of recognising different aspects of saddle fit. One of Sarah’s many attributes is her willingness to teach you as she goes along, be it saddle type and fit, muscles, stretches, exercises etc, etc. Luckily on her second visit she had a second hand saddle she was selling on behalf that fitted Tigger really well.

Sarah will measure you horse at each visit and compare back to previous visits, this way you can see evidence of any changes. I have now also bought a saddle for my mare, Lace, as her saddle had worn out and broken. It was great to see that even though it was a completely different style of saddle, Lace’s back remained unchanged from one visit to the next, evidence that there was no muscle wastage as her back got used to the new saddle, and thus the saddle was clearly an excellent fit.

She not only checks the fit with the horse but also with the rider. No saddle is going to help if the rider is uncomfortable or crooked. If you are crooked so too will your horse become crooked (and sore) to compensate.

Although Sarah stocks saddles, beyond checking fit and recommending what type might suit your horse she takes no commission for any saddle that you buy, simply putting you in touch with the saddle’s owner, thus you can trust that she does not have a conflict of interest. Yes there is a good chance that she will have a saddle that will fit your horse, but that is because she stocks good, high quality saddles that will fit a range of horses.

All my horses love Sarah’s body work – in fact Tigger is becoming what she refers to as a “massage junkie”! Not to mention everyone’s favourite time… carrot stretches, and free carrots to any other horses nearby. Not only do I get Sarah out for regular, planned, sessions as an important part of Tigger’s build up to a big event, but also for unplanned, emergency, massages when he’s done something dumb. Sarah will go out of her way, literally, to get to a regular client when they are in need. She will also come along to big events to be there to fine tune your horse both before and during a competition. This is great in the middle of a long endurance ride as she is able to identify and ease tiring muscles as the ride progresses.

Tigger is currently North Island 160km Champion… Sarah was there helping, thanks Sarah!

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Rachel Hunt

I recommend Sarah to everyone. She is a super physio who genuinely cares -- her ultimate goal is happy horses and happy riders. I've learnt a lot from Sarah, and feel that I'm a better equestrian because of her.

I've had Sarah out regularly over the last year to do body work and a saddle fitting for my horse. At the start of our journey, my horse was very sore. He is moving freely now without pain, and has remained so. The saddle that Sarah fitted is lovely, and has made a huge difference for him.

A huge thanks to Sarah! With her help and our 'homework' I have a happy, healthy horse who has stayed that way.

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Wendy Brown

I have recently bought a pony and part of the agreement was I had to have a proper saddle fitter and they recommended Sarah.

We are very pleased with the service she provides. We learnt a lot and no question was too stupid to ask. Not just for when she was here, but the continual support afterwards which has been a huge help.

It was a great experience, she had had us all at ease and laughing. I highly recommend her to anyone who loves their equines and wants to get the best out of them.

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Chrissy Fay

My daughter’s 12.3hh welsh pony bucked like a bronco before we asked Sarah Linton to help us. It was immediately obvious that she had a sore back due to a badly fitting saddle. Sarah helped with massage and saddle fitting for our pony.

I was considering giving up on the pony and if it hadn’t been for Sarah’s positive outlook and encouragement I would have.

Sarah worked on Cressy for close to a year and in this time the improvement was incredible. The bucking stopped and Sarah fitted a custom made saddle for her which not only helped the pony but also put my daughter in a much improved position.

When speaking to a friend who was also having saddle problems I recommended Sarah and explained to her that finding Sarah felt like we had sifted through every other option and possible solution to finally find the expert who could and did solve our problems. I would recommend her services to anyone struggling with saddle fitting and back problems because I believe Sarah truly is an expert in equine therapy and saddle fitting.

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Marie and Stuart Wakeling, Endurance Riders

Due to the extreme physical stress our horses are under competing at endurance we realized they would benefit from some form of bodywork. Initially we used chiropractic treatment which had its merits but for overall well being we felt the horses needed muscular work as well. Following a ride where 1 of our horses failed to complete the ride due to back soreness we started to research various saddles.

During our research we discovered the English Saddle Companies website. This gave a recommendation of Sarah's work as a saddle fitter but also as an equine body worker. We had been aware of Sarah's involvement with various competitors within endurance but had thought an extra expense was difficult to justify. How wrong could we have been!! All we can say is hindsight is a wonderful thing and that if we had known what we now know when we first started competing endurance, Sarah's expenses would have been well and truly justified!

After seeing the difference this made to our horses performances and general well being we realized we needed to employ Sarah on a regular basis. Our horses attitudes have completely changed with ongoing work from Sarah, the most noticeable change was their performances at National Champs. Sarah has become an integral part of our management plans and view her as part of our team. Any owner wanting the optimum performance from their horse should consider doing the same.

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Toni Gray, ESNZ Coach and Eventing Rider

I have been working with Sarah for the past year and a half since I purchased my new young horse. Sarah has helped me find and fit a new saddle, which can be a frustrating experience at the best of times. I am pleased to say that I am very happy with my new saddle and am very pleased I used Sarah for the fitting. In working with Sarah I have been most impressed with her knowledge, willingness to share that knowledge and her care for the horse.

Most importantly I trust her judgement because she takes the time to explain things so I can understand what she was doing every step of the way. She has given me great exercises to help strengthen my horses weak areas, and I can see the results. She loves what she does, is always so easy and enjoyable to work with and I never feel like just another client. I always feel like I am getting her individual attention for as long as I need. She is great at keeping me updated on her visits to the area, and making me feel I can call her with questions at any time. Overall, I have found Sarah professional, reliable and great to work with!

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Julie Hanna

I first had Sarah out to my horse Astro in February 2011 – he was 15. I had trouble fitting my saddle and was finding it difficult to get truly knowledgeable advice. Astro is a thoroughbred with the typical high wither and slightly bum high – he is also an American type so is very broad through the shoulders. I had advice from several people with little success, and in many cases it was detrimental.

In the time I have had him he has always been sensitive to the saddle, girthy and shown resistance to tacking up. He would also pig root on first mounting and sometimes even when saddled. He would also only canter on the left lead, regardless of what rein we were on. He would even buck out of the right lead should he ‘accidentally’ find himself on it, even if we were on the right rein.

When Sarah first saw him he was extremely sore. She was able to do a quick check on the saddle but he was not in a condition to do a ridden test. She did bodywork on him and left me with a list of instructions to help him until her next visit. Sarah returned about three weeks later and Astro was much improved. We were able to do a ridden test and she was able to make a saddle pad to adjust the saddle’s balance and remove pressure points. She again did some body work, left more instructions for massage and pole exercises to encourage him to use his back and abs.

By Sarah’s next visit in June, Astro had improved drastically and his back shape had changed remarkably. He had gone up a gullet size. Sarah came out seven months later (nearly a year after her first visit) and Astro’s topline had improved so much we had to change the saddle pad. He originally had a long shim, with a smaller shim on top, on each side. This had to get reduced to two small shims on top of each other to sit in just behind his wither. She also suggested that I get the saddle packed (it was originally a Wintec Cair). I started to do a lot more schooling once I got the saddle back and Astro was starting to get the idea of picking up the right lead in the canter on the right rein.

I had Sarah out a few times during the year for minor adjustments and checks but by the beginning of 2013 it became apparent that Astro had changed shape so much that I could no longer ‘make-do’ with my original saddle. Sarah was extremely helpful when I was looking for saddles and was able to tell me which brands would suit my horse, where I could get them from and how much they were likely to cost. She spent some time with me at the Horse of the Year show going around the stalls to point out what I needed to be looking for in a saddle for my horse. She was also aware of a good quality new saddle available at a ‘sale’ price that might suit and organised it so I could try it. Sarah came out to assist with the saddle fitting and also had another saddle for me to try so I could compare.

Sarah has always been extremely helpful during the whole saddle adjustment saga with my horse and has always been willing to answer any questions or make suggestions by email or phone. She has taught me what to look at and check for when I suspect the saddle may be causing problems and can offer advice over the phone or by email if I send in photos of what the saddle looks like on Astro and his saddle blanket after he has been ridden. I have had no hesitation in recommending Sarah to any of my friend’s that have had back problems with their horses.

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Paula Redmond

I first called on Sarah’s saddle fitting services due to my Arab gelding Makahiwi Nebular (“Ghost”) suffering a very sore back after a long season of endurance riding. He was not a happy boy at all and was prone to totally unpredictable, explosive bucking fits. This was just so out of character for my normally eager-to –please horse. To my horror and remorse we discovered that not only was his saddle not a good fit (I had actually bought it for another horse) but also the 20kg of extra lead weight I have to carry to make the minimum 70kg weight restriction was not helping as it was unbalanced and exacerbating the problem.

After an assessment of the saddle and Sarah seeing me ride in it we decided that a new saddle was needed – the saddle did not fit me or the horse, so with Sarah and Catherine from the English Saddle Company we found a saddle that was fit for the job - an Arabian Saddle Company “Solstice”.

During Ghost’s convalesce and waiting for the Solstice to arrive from the UK during the Christmas period, Sarah worked on him with massage and also a lot of TLC. Ghost is not very trusting of new people and can be very spooky (hence the paddock name Ghost !) but he immediately relaxed in Sarah’s company and she totally understood his sometimes unpredictable nature and did not label him as “a typical Arab” or any other unflattering generalisations of his breed.

Sarah left us with some exercises to perform until her next visit and we were thrilled when she visited again that his muscle wastage caused by his previous saddle had already started to return.

When my new saddle arrived, Sarah visited again, making sure the saddle was a correct fit. Sarah and Catherine also went on to think about and suggest another way in which to carry my weights on my saddle. No one has ever bothered to help me in this way and it has been such a relief to have this assistance.

A few months ago I called upon Sarah’s expertise again after my mare “Indi” suffered a horrific (and still unexplained) paddock accident resulting in her needing multiple stitches across her chest. As predicted by the vet, the stitches only held for a couple of days and then I was left with a gaping hole. I imagined Indi literally ‘scarred for life’. However Sarah worked her magic with her Bioptron Light Therapy machine as well as massage and again, exercises to reduce any scar tissue forming. I cannot believe how well the area has healed. There is absolutely no scar tissue which has resulted in no restriction of movement and unbelievably there is no scarring (no white hair on my bay mare).

Sarah is truly my “fairy godmother”, someone who I call on in moments of crisis and she appears and makes things better ! I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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Rachel Irvin

I have been a client of Sarah's for a number of years now since she was recommended to me by a saddle maker. I have found her help & advice invaluable. She always has the horses best interests at heart and will do her utmost to ensure they are comfortable & happy.

She is very happy to share her knowledge and has been a real help when it comes to navigating through the minefield of saddle fitting! All the horses enjoy Sarah's visits and she will always 'go the extra mile' to help both horse and owner. The horse world really needs more people like Sarah.

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Kristin Baylis and Ali, Ronan & Flynn

I have only owned horses since 2008. My first horse who is now sadly passed was Ali. He was a really typical NZ crossbred station hack. Not knowing anything about saddle fit for horses, I got him trucked down to me and he arrived all scruffy and bewildered and imperious. He had a very hollow back, high neck position, his hind legs barely came under him and he stood over himself as well. To me he was still perfect, and I didn't realise what it meant.

The problems we first started having were definitely behavioural. Bucking, pig rooting, girthy and moving away from the saddle going on were my first signs that something was going on beyond working in a new relationship. I did some background checks and found he had just had any old saddle thrown on him in the past, and more research told me the white hairs around his wither and back weren't normal at all.

I had heard about Sarah through a friend, and decided to get Sarah out to do an assessment of Ali. She immediately found many problems - and everything in his case was caused by the saddle.

It sounds like a hard choice to some people, but I stopped riding him in saddles. I massaged, stretched and hand trained him over poles to strengthen his back and topline. I put together my very own customized bareback pad that I could pop stirrups onto and I was soon away jumping, hooning, dressaging in this bareback pad. People were a little shocked but all of a sudden I had a happy, willing horse! When it came time to find him an actual saddle, though his back shape had changed massively from care, it was still very challenging - short coupled, wide barrelled, a thick spine, massive shoulders, average wither and ribs that stopped short. A dressage saddle ended up being the only sort of saddle that ideally fitted him, so it was a dressage saddle we got. I still used the pad for jumping.

I took some before and after photos, and the result is massive. His entire back came up at least two inches, he was now standing better under himself, his forelegs weren't way under his body anymore, but almost straight! And lastly, his neck was in a relaxed downward position. A huge change. The second photo shows his new backline (red) versus his old one (black).

I was so grateful to Sarah being in it with me and Ali for the long haul over many months. I learnt an awful lot. And now, I have a new horse; Ronan, my appy gelding I purchased as a four year old is changing back shape rapidly and Sarah is helping me manage our saddle (lots of widening and narrowing while he was growing!). I continue to have Sarah out regularly and my horses and I are happier because of it. I can't recommend Sarah enough!

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Amy Dennett and Monty

I had had my horse Monty for one year when we started having problems. I purchased a new saddle and had it fitted by someone else, but after 6 weeks my lovely boy changed. He became very grumpy and sore to touch all over his back, he also started losing condition.

In August 2012 I got Sarah out and she knew straight away what the problem was. She taught me the massage techniques and also some pole work to do and what kind of saddle to look for. I got Sarah out regularly over the next six months and each time he had improved.

I rode bareback and did my homework and the change in Monty was dramatic, he gained his top line back 3 gullet sizes wider and he was not sore anymore. She put me onto the right saddle for his shape and I now have a lovely new Farrington saddle which I have had no problems with and Monty is working beautifully and is happier all round.

He definitely is a changed horse thanks to Sarah's help and expertise .We ask a lot from our horses and Sarah opened my eyes to how much we need to make sure our saddles fit our horses correctly.

I would have no doubts in recommending Sarah to anyone who is having problems with their horse. She is friendly and professional and she really knows her stuff. Thanks Sarah for all your wonderful help.

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Trish Dakin and Buddy

I contacted Sarah being of January 2012, as I was struggling getting a saddle to fit my horse at that time. He had lost a fair amount of weight while battling a long term battle with Laminitis. He had no top line and had a major muscle wastage area. I had tried a number of off the shelf products had others to try and fit him, but wasn’t having any luck.

I knew hands on massage was good but I got her out mainly because I read that she did custom made pads for horses, I wasn’t expecting her to even be able to do anything for my horse to be honest, as I thought his age, hard life and long battle to get well it would be retirement time, but she provide me wrong. In just one ride with the memory foam pad on him I had a totally different horse under me. Within six weeks I noticed improvement along his top line.

Over the next few months his transformation was outstanding, he still had a major spot of muscle wastage that wasn’t filling out but her made to measure pad filled it up and allowed me to carry on riding him. Too many years of ill-fitting saddles had caused this. She encouraged me to give Endurance ago with my horse and once I got him out the comments from people were amazing, no one believed he was nineteen years old, the way he moved, acted and looked they all thought he was nine. And I put it all down to the pad Sarah made for him. Yes the massage helped but that pad was his life saver, Buddy loved her work that he would as soon as he see her go to her and give her cuddles. Due to the amount of top line he needed to build up it was not wise to buy a saddle to fit him on her visit, she recommended that I wait till his weight was up, and his muscles had built up before looking at buying a saddle.

I now have a new horse, the simple exercises she has been giving me even when he went out sick, he was still able to build up muscle along his back, and she is currently helping me get a saddle to fit my new horse as current ones do not fit. She was there are Nationals checking my boy over even though we were only doing a 42km ride, in two loops, it was his first ride in some time, and even though I wasn’t doing any of those big rides she made sure he was still feeling right before we headed off.

She always telling you what she is doing and why, she gives you work to do at home, and even shows you what to do. She listens to you and your concerns as well. And so far all my horses love her. I have some major goals I want to achievement and I know using her I will get there. She understands the horse and rider and how we work together, she is open minded as well. Which I find highly important. The fact even my current horse that has major trust issues had no issues with her handling him shows the type of person she is.

The photo is of my old horse Buddy at our first Endurance Ride at the age of Nineteen.

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Andrea & Murray Smith

Sarah has been caring for our endurance horses for more than five years and over that time we have developed a close working relationship, in fact she is an integral part of our team.

We have finished this season with four national championships and each also winning their ‘Best Conditioned’ awards. Sarah worked as part of our team during the championships and has done for a number of years; working on the horses not only before the event but during the hold periods and relaying her thoughts to us so we are always aware of her findings. These hold times are not very long, but Sarah works her magic without disrupting them from their food. The horses are all very relaxed and happy to have her attention and she is very sensitive to their needs – if she feels they just want to be left alone to eat, she will quietly go and then come back to them later. We all happily leave any of our horses in her care, knowing that they are in the best of hands.

It is amazing how sometimes only one treatment from Sarah can make a remarkable difference to them. The muscles become noticeably softer and more relaxed which can make a huge difference to the horse’s demeanour. She is great to discuss concepts about potential problems with and will often go away and research ideas which she happily passes on.

We would thoroughly recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to make a positive difference to how their horse feels. She has a warm friendly manner but is still completely prompt and professional. Regards, Andrea Smith

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Ella Bussell

We are so grateful to Sarah Linton and all the work she has done for us to repair Misty's back! When we first contacted Sarah, Misty's back and hindquarters were in terrible shape, and her saddle didn't even slightly fit! To think we didn't know why she wouldn't go forward or canter! Thankfully, Sarah was quick to teach us what was wrong, give us homework to improve her with long, detailed sessions.

Sarah also put us in contact with Catherine from The English Saddle Company who sold us a saddle that fits Misty well. The differences in Misty's back were unmistakable, and she became much more forward moving.

We are now cantering happily and even starting to jump, thanks to Sarah's help in finding us a saddle that would fit both me AND Misty.

Sarah is extremely reliable and friendly, still keeps in regular contact with us, and is always keen to know how Misty's going. We don't know what we would have done if we hadn't found Sarah - so thank you so much! - Ella Bussell & Misty

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Tracey Ross

I got Sarah out to look at my saddle and look at Rusty due to falling over some jumps at a competition. Within a week of having her out we were jumping clear 1.05 and 1.10 again happily.

Dressage has also immensely improved with rusty really using his back and stepping under himself now. Our dressage scores have improved and jumping performance has improved tenfold! We are happily jumping 1.20 schooling before I got Sarah out he was hesitant and knocking poles.

He also now runs to the fence neighing to be caught when he sees my car turn up due to loving being ridden once again. He also now self loads due to wanting to go to places (practically pulls me on to the float to go!).

His muscle tone has changed completely and his cover which once was too long now fits perfectly due to his sway back being corrected. He no longer has any muscle wastage! :) I would completely recommend Sarah to any one; she’s lovely, arrives on time and will try fit you in if it's urgent. Rusty’s whole demeanor has changed and so has the quality of performance we give :)

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Jaclyn Benbow

Sarah has been working with my horse 'Shylo' for a few years now.  When I got him he was pretty tight muscle wise and Sarah has got him heaps softer and has shown me lots of stretches so I can keep working on him between appointments.  She is great at advising what type of work and exercises would benefit him the most.  Shylo seems to love Sarah's visits and she certainly knows his favourite stretches!

I only knew the very basics about saddle fitting but Sarah has taught me the important things to look for when looking at saddles.  She is very patient and is happy to take her time to find the best fit for both horse and rider.

Sarah has got to be one of the most helpful and generous horsey people I have met.  I have definitely learnt a lot from her and she is happy to share her wealth of knowledge and answer my never ending questions, from homeopathy to horse buying!

Thanks Sarah - your work and advice is very much appreciated (by me and Shylo!) Jaclyn Benbow

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Sarah is a god send!! Before she came to save my poor horse I was riding him in what I thought where 'bargain' saddles off Trade Me. Little did I know the damage these cheap saddles where doing to my horse. My horse was bucking all the time, stopping at jumps smaller that 65cm and he was just so unhappy being ridden!!! He wasn't moving forward properly and was hollowing his back and making his trot impossible to sit to.

You should see him now - he flies over 1metre, only bucks when hes a bit frisky and having a good time, and is moving beautifully. I am not on a massive income but the money spent sorting out my horse's issues with Sarah was so worth it. The amount of people who told me he was a no hoper have eaten their words as i've cleaned up show jumping whilst they have gone home empty handed! Man it felt so good to beat them!!! She is great with all animals and I would highly recommend her to everyone who loves their horse!!

Thanks so much for your help, I mean every word of this testimonial, you are awesome!! Regards, Vanessa.

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Michelle Smith

I bought a horse that was quiet and suitable for return to riding person who also gets a bit nervous. Previous owner had two chiropractors check her back before I bought her and they stated she had no issues. I start riding at home and after about 10 rides she developed lumps on either side of saddle.

Horse got turned out for a couple of months to eliminate lumps (luckily not sores!). I then got Sarah Linton on the job to sort saddle. Wow! My horse looked like an elderly tb with a sway back when we started, Sarah said that this horse had had saddle issues for years and the sway back came from that issue. We also discovered she had worm drench resistance. At first she was anti the massage but over several visits from Sarah and about 3 months of regular massage that Sarah taught me to do, she now loves her back rubs, no longer has the marish “don’t touch my tummy”, digests her feed better and doesn’t leave cow pats at the other end! Oh and she is gorgeous looking. Unfortunately the down side to this is she no longer thinks she is 17 but instead 6.

She has also learnt she can rear in the paddock (something she had not done in the 6 months prior to getting Sarah) and rather than the pull out of the paddock every so often to ride and be fine she now needs regular work! Just goes to show how powerful massages and stretches are!

Sarah goes out of her way to help you and your steed, she will tell you exactly how it is no glossing over things, she can give advice on all aspects – nutrition, feet, saddling, bridling etc she teaches the movements so that you can do the homework and learn to read your horses reactions, she also taught me some safety commands when riding and she is always contactable by email (I found very handy as I could relay what she was like each time I worked on her if there was something I was not sure about).

Thanks Sarah for everything, just a shame the horse is now not right for me personally but she will give someone else a wonderful time now.

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Amy Lockyer

I admit to making the mistake that I’m sure many people do. When I first got my five year old WB mare, I bought a couple of saddles on TradeMe. Knowing the saddles didn’t really fit I thought they’d be fine for a short while, after all she was going to change shape as she matured and muscled-up. What I didn’t realise was that the saddles were causing her discomfort, which manifested in a series of behavioural issues.

At first she was just a bit girthy, which developed into her pinning her ears back and barring her teeth when she saw a saddle. When she started walking off when I tried to mount, I knew I had to get the saddles sorted.

Sarah was great. She was diplomatic and holistic in her approach. The passion she has for horses and their happiness was obvious from the start. Sarah gave me essential oils and showed me massage techniques and stretches to remove the tension in my horse’s muscles. For several weeks, while Sarah helped me find a new saddle, I worked my horse in-hand and rode her bareback. During this time, with the massaging and stretching as well, my horse became much happier and relaxed in the stable.

It didn’t take too long after starting to ride again, with the new saddle and hand-cut shimmies that Sarah made me, for my horse’s behaviour to completely turnaround. Now, one year on, I have a great relationship with my horse and her performance under saddle is much improved – she is so happy and loves her work.

Sadly, my horse had a bad fence accident just recently, injuring three legs, but Sarah helped out again with massage, Bioptron Light Therapy and homeopathic sprays. The Bioptron Light Therapy worked a treat on the edema, which the vet told me could be permanent. One week after treatment, the swelling was nearly completely gone.

A ‘Big Thank You’ to Sarah for all her help. No one appreciates it more than my horse!

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Susan Reid

I first meet Sarah at a massage course a few years ago, Sarah was very interesting to talk to as she had done human massage and was studying other therapies as well. A year or so on from there I contacted her about one of our endurance horses we were having performance problems with.

Luckily Sarah was going to the same Endurance ride we were so she agreed to look at the two horses we had there. After chatting for awhile Sarah was keen to help strap with us during that 160km ride and work on our horses in hold times.

Since then Sarah has been an integral part of our strapping team at most of the championship and long distance rides. Once vetted, Sarah gives the horses a light massage, talking with the rider about any tight spots or other problem areas that may be appearing with the aim of getting out onto the next loop in great shape. Once the horse has finished the ride and rested for awhile Sarah will give them a thorough going over.

AA Oscar loves the time Sarah spends with him and he shows it, and this year our young AA Sabatage followed her around the yard for more attention too.

Unfortunately we live so far from Sarah that we cannot use her services for our horses in between the rides, so really appreciate the time she gives us when we are at long distance rides.

We have also benefited from her knowledge of homeopathic remedies, on another occasion one of our horses came in off a loop covered in lumps (hives), no one knew what it was. Along came Sarah with a homeopathic remedy and by the next loop the lumps had almost gone.

We have been impressed by the recovery of our horses following distance rides when Sarah has worked on them, even after often long drives home we find the horses relaxed and free moving the next day.

We would recommend Sarah Linton Equine Alternatives to all other endurance riders for their horses.

Susan Reid, North Island and National Endurance Champion 2009-2010 season

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Jane, Emma & Jazz

Well where to start. We have a beautiful Kaimanawa mare that is normally very placid. When she started bucking and behaving badly it was recommended I seek the advise of a “saddle fitter”.

I didn’t want “just anyone” who claimed to fit saddles, I needed to know that the person who came actually “knew what they were doing”. Nor did I want someone who was going to tell me “only his or her saddle” would fit. In other words, I wanted a totally independent assessment without bias towards a particular brand or seller.

As they say “Google is your friend”. I found Sarah via this method, although her name had also been mentioned at pony club. The website was comprehensive and, most important to me, Sarah listed her qualifications, courses she had undertaken and her background.

Appointment duly made for Sarah’s next visit to The ‘Naki. My worst fears confirmed – an ill-fitting saddle was causing many of our problems. But even better, Sarah took a holistic approach to the pony’s welfare. A comprehensive report was provided, a massage given and advise on what type of saddle we needed to be looking for.

Sarah came back numerous times, trying saddle, after saddle, after saddle for us. Each visit narrowed the range and type further to the point it came down to two brands. The choice of final purchase came down to me. Sarah solely pointed out the “pro’s and con’s” of each.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone needing the range of services she offers (in fact I am always passing her name along). The pony is now back to her beautiful placid self with no buck or bad behaviour in sight. My daughter has regained the confidence she lost through the “bucking” period and is now trusting the pony to go kindly. Sarah also taught us how to massage the pony and gave us exercises to do to help rebuild lost muscle.

Sarah is a lovely woman who genuinely cares about, not only the horses she treats, but also the people she comes in contact with. She educates without lecturing and listens.

Thank you Sarah for all your efforts on our behalf, it has been very much appreciated.

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Mary Pagnamenta

Sarah is a talented, intuitive and knowledgeable therapist who approaches her work with a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail:  she is moreover a wise and experienced ‘horseperson’ who knows and understands how horses tick.

I came to her with an uptight, anxious little horse who went round with his knees under his chin and was unable to stretch at all.   After one session he started to relax and stretch in walk.  Now his best marks in his tests are for his free walk and his ‘stretchy’ trot and the judge recently commented on the softness and regularity of his paces.   We could have gone round in circles for years and never achieved this without Sarah’s input.

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Sarah de Geest

Sarah I was amazed in the difference you made in Harry. By teaching me carrot stretches etc, and working on him to achieve strength and suppleness .This was one sore irritated horse who had been held in an outline resulting in loss of muscle in areas he needed to carry a rider.

Things don’t happen overnight, but the results are worth it. Soon this horse looked to be massaged and stretched, he was very relaxed. Where as before he loathed being touched .Manuela MacLean noticed how much calmer he was. Plus how his movement had improved from a stiff ex racehorse to a happy rideable horse.

Just like athletes great preparation teamed with building your horses muscles creates a happy rideable horse. Make it enjoyable for both of you get Sarah to access and you wont look back! Thanks heaps Sarah!

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Jenna Vandenberg

Sarah was William's last chance! William is a thoroughbred gelding, 14yrs. This horse was very sore through his Lumbar Vertebrae area for quite some time. I’ve had the Vets out to him (followed their advice), listened to a couple of others, but still no improvement in this horse.

It got to the point where I thought there was nothing that was going to help William. I rang Sarah, who was very helpful and came out to examine him. With her patience and expertise Sarah demonstrated and explained to me what was going on with my horse.

Within 3 sessions Sarah had me back riding my horse. Without Sarah’s help this would have not been possible in my situation. Many thanks Sarah.

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Sharee Bradley

My lovely horse Tane, bucked me off one day, I thought he was being "naughty', so on recommendation I got Sarah out to look at his back, saddle etc. I can honestly say without Sarah's help I would have sold this horse on, as much as I loved him.

Tane had a very sore back, possibly due to the fact he is an EXTREMELY odd shaped horse, and getting a saddle to fit him would be a mission, but Sarah has spent hours with me each visit, making pads etc, and giving me the odd riding lesson here and there!!

The massage homework I have been taught is obviously working because we are well on the road to recovery!! Tane is a much happier horse, and we are enjoying our time together more!!

Sarah opened my eyes to a whole lot of things I would never have noticed, with saddle fitting, back soreness on your horse etc. I would HIGHLY recommend Sarah to anyone novice or experienced.

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Julie Paton

Having witnessed my yearling tumble down a sizable ridge and the ensuing months of her hobbling around, it seemed unlikely she would ever recover. At the most I hoped Sarah could relieve her of some of her pain and anxiety. What I didn’t expect was Sarah’s unfaltering determination to improve Legend’s lot all round.

How exciting (and what a relief!) to find someone who was as concerned for my horse as I was. Legend has better movement now and to see her skylark around the paddock is a huge pleasure. One can only imagine what could have been achieved if I had known about Sarah earlier.

The word that springs to mind through this whole experience is Homework! More rewarding than anything I did at high school! Thanks for working your magic Sarah, I have learned a lot and I look forward to continuing our association.

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Leigh-Ann Hill

Sarah first started treating my horse Ted in November of 2009, after lots of arguments & frustration with him, threatening to put him on the DT truck. I brought Ted five years ago - now 18 -who is by Ironclad, after he’d been out of work for over six months. His mane was down to the bottom of his neck, and tail dragging on the ground.

It took me months to be able to canter him on just one circle, as he bucked & pig rooted etc, sometimes refusing to go forward, only backwards, tripping up. He had previously done everything including pony club with the old owner's teenage daughter, but started to get less work & got away with blue murder.

I inherited these bad habits, although he’s dream to handle on the ground, coming to the conclusion that when he was younger his muscles were thrashed along with bad fitting saddles, which brought on all the problems I was having to deal with.

On moving back to Manawatu I enlisted the help of someone to treat Ted’s muscle. Although things went good to start with, putting me onto a new saddle to fit Ted, (especially since I’ve never been the best with fitting saddles) but they soon became unreliable and too hard to get out. After leaving it for a while, he got worse again, with me becoming angrier with him. I scoured around looking for someone else to treat Ted, and found Sarah’s website.

On her first visit she took one look at my saddle on him and said never to ride in it again, as it didn’t fit and never had in fact. He had about six weeks off and only got light work on the lunge, including treatments from sarah and me doing the homework she gave me to do on him. In the meantime I hunted for a new saddle, ending up with a Wintec Wide on the widest gullet.

My first ride in the saddle was amazing as he was back to the old self that I knew existed somewhere inside, finally a fun horse to ride. Continuing with both Sarah treating him and me doing the homework, he is much better than he used to be, having changed down a gullet size due to muscle increasing both up and out. He’s definitely a much happier horse to ride although still challenging as he’s not the easiest horse to ride. So both of us have a lot to thank Sarah for.

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Celia and Jessica James

We would be happy to recommend Sarah to anybody whose horse is not performing at their best.

Sarah is very professional, friendly, fun and has an excellent understanding and rapport with horses. her extensive knowledge in the areas of saddle fitting and equine therapies have been invaluable. We really appreciated all the effort Sarah went to in assisting us to find two new saddles and assess and treat three of our horses, at very reasonable cost. It has made a huge improvement to their performance and general wellbeing. Thankyou Sarah!!

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Jessica Wood

"Thank you so much for all of your help, and helping me find saddles that fit both my horses which bring them comfort, and teaching me on what to look for when it comes to fitting a saddle to my horses.

Just another few words in grateful appreciation from both myself Ruffy and Echo for all the massages they have received. You have played a beneficial role in Echos training. Thank you Sarah and I know Ruffy and Echo will be eagerly awaiting their next massage." I would say that In most cases, a "massage" is worth a thousand words…in Sarah's case, aaahhhh is priceless !”

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Sarah Schnell

I would like to take the time to thank Sarah Linton for the great work she has done on my horse. Sarah has been nothing but professional, helpful and extremely proactive in helping with an injury and also with saddle fittings for my mare.

She went way out of her way to help me find a saddle that was suitable. She listened to my needs and wants for the type of saddle I was after and ended up finding a great, well fitted saddle. Sarah is punctual and always able to accommodate me when my horse needs to be seen. She is easy to communicate with and always has plenty of advice to offer on how to maximise your horse’s performance. Thank you Sarah for all your help.

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Jane Ferguson

I first met Sarah in late 2005 after moving to the Wairarapa when she was recommended to me by a mutual friend. At the time I had a rather difficult, but very good looking chestnut tb.

Cruise had raced and hence was easy to keep fit and muscle up, but he was also a little weak through the loin area and needed regular maintenance to keep him happy as we were starting to compete in both eventing and endurance/CTRs. Sarah took a very thorough case-history before starting work on him, and I was impressed with her skills, care, and professionalism (as well as being very good value for money!). Since then I have moved onto another horse, starting competing more seriously in endurance, (plus still dabbling in lower level eventing, showing, and dressage), and still book her on a regular basis. I have used numerous equine therapists in a range of modalities over the past eight years, and have found Sarah to be probably the best I've experienced. I was initially a little sceptical about some of her treatments (esp aromatherapy which was new to me), but was quite amazed (and amused) by how the horses reacted and responded to it. I can thoroughly recommend Sarah to both the pleasure rider, and the more serious competitor who may be looking for a kind, skilled, and knowledgeable therapist to help keep their horses happy and healthy.

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Eileen Woodcock and Little Joe

I would just like to thank Sarah for her help with my little Harness pony Joe. Joe had a bad bout of Laminitis which came right after a long period of time, but was left looking very sorry for himself not walking freely around his paddock - back and quarters very stiff and generally not a happy little pony.

We had got to the stage where we thought that perhaps it would be kinder to let him go, when I remembered seeing Sarah give a demonstration on massage and preasure points with natural oils about 18 months prior to this Now I am fairly sceptical about this type of treatment but decided it was worth getting in touch with Sarah and giving her a chance. After the first session I noticed a slight change for the better and then after the 2nd time Little Joe finished the session and actually trotted around the paddock with me in fact even kicked up his hind legs. I have kept up the massage with oils myself with him and he is a completely different little pony. I can't thank Sarah enough for all the help and advice she have given us. Thanks

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Anna Stephen Equesetrian

23 April 2004 - Sarah has been massaging my team of show jumpers since August 2003.

During this time I have found massage to be a very important factor in their preperation for major shows and since using Sarah, I have experienced great results. She is always cheerful and pleasant to have around, and has a great working relationship with all horses. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a massage or alternative therapist for their horses.

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Jo Armstrong - Instructor/ Dressage Trainer & Rider

Sarah has been working with my horses since June 2003 and I have found her to be very professional in the way she handles and treats them.

Sarah has worked on a range of different problems with the horses, as well as maintenance for competition all with good results. Sarah is always punctual and gives you records of her visits and treatments on each particular horse which is good to keep and refer back to. I feel Sarah has very good communicational skills and a great knowledge and passion for her field of work, I have no hesitations in recommending her skills.

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Cherry Brown

I have known Sarah Linton since she and her husband David moved to Marangi Station at Tinui.

In the time That they have been here, I have needed to call on Sarah a number of times, not only to do some work on my horses but also on occasion I have needed her expertise on my own aches and pains due to a fall I had a while ago in which I hurt my back and neck. It is always interesting to watch Sarah in action when she is working on a horse, but when it comes to working on your body it's something that she does with great consideration. Not only can she locate the problem, she knows how to fix it while making you feel at ease. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who has problems with either their horses or their own body.

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Richelle Roil

Dante is a very untrusting horse, so I was very surprised at her reactions toward Sarah. Dante has had massages before, so I jumped at the chance for her to have another, which is why I was surprised at the reactions and the softness towards Sarah, and the quick gaining of trust on Dante's behalf. I found the information very informative. Sarah explained everything as we went which most people would say either before or after, or for that matter give people notes and then just do what they think would be good for that person/animal. I felt very much a part of the whole process, as each step was taken, there would be more explanations as to why this or that was being down.

With Dante's timidity towards other people I was shocked and surprised at how quickly she responded to Sarah, she took about 10 minutes to settle down and at some stages couldn't help but want more. I have never seen Dante react this way before, her pupils enlarged, she became very relaxed and the stress on her face seemed to disappear.

The aromatherapy side of the massage was amazing, her reactions were fantastic. I wasn't sure what she would do or how she would react to the different smells but I needn't have worried. Dante couldn't get enough of Basil, Chamomile and Carrot seed, coming at Sarah like a shark, wanting more. She wanted to lick Sarah's hand and then keep going back for more, by this stage Dante was relaxed and Sarah was able to manipulate her muscles more. Although Dante has been an abused horse, and at times her past does show, I feel she has gained something out of today. She is still a very troubled horse but the reactions I have seen from her are just wonderful.

If Sarah had done this a few years ago Dante wouldn't have let Sarah near her. Dante has very positive results from today, she relaxed quicker and gave Sarah the benefit and trust she finds so hard to give. I would be more than happy to have Sarah return and try other oils on Dante - I would love to see more reactions from this beautiful horse. Thank you for the opportunity to see my beautiful girl in a different light.

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Rebecca Upward

I know from experience how blissful a massage can be and if the expressions on Max's face are anything to go by it’s the same for him.

Sarah's knowledge of various therapies and use of oils are first rate and the passion she has for them ensure beneficial results. I believe her ministrations have contributed to Max's overall well being and good health. Max's enthusiasm for the oils saw him reach up and get the bottle off a very high shelf and then consume the contents. Max adores any oils that comes his way and tries to eat them making it very difficult to actually get them massaged onto him.

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Nicole Reesby

Sarah Linton has been coming out and attending to my horses issues for many years now.

She has been amazing at picking up areas that are sore. Sarah has managed to help my horses using different techniques from massage, aromatherapy and the bioptron light. Sarah is always informative and teaches you along the way to help your horse as well.

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Bryan Whitehead

I was very pleased to be asked to write a testimonial for Sarah Linton who is a natural Therapist both for people and animals. Sarah has attended and treated two of my Endurance horses over the past two years.

I have found her relaxed manner is transmitted to my horses, they respond to her techniques and she has the ability to communicate with them. She is very thorough with what she does, in massage, applying and selecting her aromatherapy oils, her follow ups and written history of each horse. The problem associated with my horses such as muscular body soreness, lameness and mud fever have responded well to her treatment and I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any animal problems.

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Lisa Reid

I am a Dressage rider. My horse is Sonny, whom Sarah has regularly cared for since August 2004.

As dressage training can be quite demanding on the horse, I have found that regular massaging is beneficial for the horse as it relieves any tender areas that may be developing. I also use the acupressure points that Sarah provides along with homeopathic remedies such as Arnica. I have been using massage therapy for my horses for several years now and know one thing for sure – My horses love it!

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Michelle Pike

Thank you Sarah for your time coming to massage Bensen. He moves a lot freer and is heaps more active in his trot work.

His jumping has improved almost instantly. He is not on his forehand anymore I believe that the reason is from him having the massages from you. Thank you so much for improving his comfort and my happiness.

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Sharon Linton

I purchased my Arab X Quarter horse 5 years ago and for the first two years struggled to find a saddle to fit him, when I finally managed to get that right we had two years of back pain to get rid of.

Sarah had just started out with her massage and was requiring test cases Oscar seemed to fit the bill, I was amazed at the ease with which Oscar took to Sarah, it may sound strange but horses like her (which is not always the case with some "horse experts"). Oscar, myself and Sarah have developed a relationship which works well for all of us, in the sport of Endurance it is important that back, girth, hindquarter areas are all in tip top shape due to the fact that over 100km we see the vet 5 times and the slightest hint of soreness puts us out, at the recent N.Z Nationals held over Easter Oscar finished 12th out of 30 starters and I have no doubt that Sarah's help played a big part in that.

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Ginni Thurston

I have had Sarah treat various horses with very different problems and temperaments.

I have found her to be very thorough in her background work and also researching more into extras that may be of assistance. Sarah is very patient with the horses and is always looking for the "why" into behavioural and temperamental issues. She is very prompt and willing to come at short notice for emergencies.

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Melanie Hibbard

My horse has an old injury that can make his muscles tight and sore and he also has emotional problems that have also been caused by the injury. So the decision to get Sarah to have a look at him was very easy.

With all her experience in so many areas we could treat him on a physically and on an emotional level at the same time. I loved the fact that he chose the aromatherapy oils that he liked and needed. I also liked that Sarah showed my how to do it myself so that he could get the best benefit from ongoing regular treatment. She also showed me how to do acupressure points to release muscles and stress for him. If I was even a little bit unsure of this therapy as soon as I tried it you could tell that something was working as he would just freeze sort of like a trance and when he had had enough he would give his head a little flick. I was utterly amazed. He would tell me when I got it right and when he had had enough!! I have found all of the treatment to have amazing results and after every treatment I have received in the mail notes on what we had found and covered with that treatment so we can clearly follow his progress. The whole experience has been very professional and beneficial.

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Nita Edwards

I have employed Sarah to massage my endurance horse after a long distance ride.

I have found that Miss Millie loved being massaged and was very relaxed and happy throughout the whole procedure, she also enjoyed the essential oils that Sarah used and I am sure she was pleased to be able to choose her own oil. I also found the follow up literature to be very informative Sarah worked with the horses in a relaxed and yet professional manner and I would certainly recommend her to anybody who is considering giving their horse or pony the benefit of a professional massage.

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Lisa Green

I first contacted Sarah Linton when I noticed my horse Willie was feeling quite stiff in his front legs and wouldn’t stretch out. He responded very well to the massage, aromatherapy and pressure points and within a few days he was back to his normal self and feeling a lot happier.

A year later I got Sarah again as Willie had been turned out for a while and as I was bringing him back into work he started to feel a bit stiff and sore. Once again the massage, aromatherapy and pressure points worked wonderfully and because Sarah showed me what to do and how to massage him properly his fitness has increased at a much faster rate. I also had a pony who had been in season for almost 2 months quite badly and she became naughty to brush, saddle and ride. Sarah gave her some aromatherapy treatment with pressure points and I was amazed at how quickly it worked. She calmed down and was good to handle again. I recommend Sarah’s natural therapies if you feel something out of tune with your horse or pony. Not only do the horses love it but they seem to respond to it quite quickly.

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Grada Dixon

My babies are doing well, I've been riding Lollie in my old saddle and he is much happier. Prinnie is also feeling a little better and Megan might start riding her again in the next week weather permitting of course.

They're all really funny, as soon as they smell the oils, they all hang around for their turn at a massage. The most interesting one has been Tarka who has been a little minx with catching but since starting the regular massages, she's been an absolute sweetie and no problems with catching, in fact she'll now come towards me which is wonderful. Thank you so much for opening up a new level of understanding from me towards my horses, it's been great.

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Vonnie Kordell

As a therapist, Sarah's work and dedication to the needs of her clients (horses) is remarkable.

Sarah sees to their problems and goes out of her way to treat every horse with the utmost care and attention as the individuals they are.

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