Sarah Linton

Sarah Linton Demos

I give demos around the country to spread awareness of saddle fitting and what to look for. Demos are a great way to fundraise for your club for bigger groups, whilst receiving valuable information on how to spot saddle fit issues, and picking the right saddle for your horse.

Some general info that applies to both

Prices and demos for clubs with fundraising ideas

I only ask for $150 plus travel to do a demo, but keep in mind clubs usually charge for attendance to these clinics.

For example: If you had 10 people come along, your club might charge each of your members $15 to attend, and this would cover my clinic costs (not including travel). If you have 20 or 30 people come that means you can raise $150-300 more than the clinic cost for your club as a fundraiser. Travel costs will vary depending on where the clinic is held.

A great time to do this is over winter when things are a bit quieter, especially if we can use an indoor venue.

How long does a demo go for?

Demos go for 2 hours with extra time for questions.