Sarah Linton


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  • Travel Charges
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  • How to Quality for a Discount
  • Canine Therapies

  • Important: Payment is due on the day of your session, unless previously arranged. If you are using internet banking as payment, please put your invoice number as the reference, along with your name. Thank you!

    Sarah allows two hours for each session and includes but is not limited to different bodywork techniques (equine sports massage, stretching, acupressure, myofascial release and light therapy), gait assessment, saddle fitting and homework exercises plus much more. There may be slight variations to the price depending on the situation and size of horse and time, at Sarah's discretion.

    Session Price For New Clients

    Session price is $125+travel per session for all new clients.

    Session Price For Follow Ups Within a 4 Month Time Frame

    Follow up session price within 4 months is $110+travel.

    Special Monthly Client Price

    Follow up session price for those who get their horses done every month is $100+travel.

    Session Price For Groups

    If you get together as a group with 4 or more horses at the same venue, I will give you a $10 discount per horse.

    Organise a Demo

    Organise a demo with a group of friends or riding club for $150+travel (if not in area at the time). Demos last 2 hours with extra time for questions and notes given out. Please enquire here for our demo info sheet and flyer and visit our demo page for more information.

    Special Price for Old or Retired Horses*

    $70+travel for an hour session. Regulars $65+travel - regular meaning done every 6 weeks or every time I'm in your area.

    *These can be broodmares, old horses, injured horses that can no longer be ridden, basically a TLC massage for a horse that's not ridden. You will still have to fill out a basic case notes form. I will allow an hour for each horse and wont do a full gait assesment and may not do stretches with the horse depending on what they are capable of. If there is an old, arthritic horse that is not comfortable picking up his feet, I'm not going to achieve a lot by doing leg stretches. I would rather make it nice and keep them happy and comfortable. Please note that demo vouchers or group discounts do not apply at this price.

    Travel Charges

    Please note price is per venue, not per horse.

    Travel costs are $30 for Hawke's Bay, Wairarapa, Wellington, Manawatu, Kapiti Coast, Waikato and Bay of Plenty (if not too far off the beaten track). All other areas please enquire for prices.

    Travel costs for South Island $40 per venue if I have a group of people for a trip, otherwise discuss at the time.

    Remote assessments

    Remote assessments cost $50 per session for new and occasional clients. This service is always free for regular clients.

    This is for approximately one hour of my time. Remote assessment can be done by email or video assessment or by phone consultation at pre-arranged times. For all phone calls I recommend sending in photos or video first so I can see what you are discussing. Please see the Remote Assessment page what I need from you to remotely assess your horse.

    How to qualify for a discount

    Discounts are given to 4 or more horses at the same venue on the same day

    For clients who organise a group to be done at the same venue, on the same day, will only be charged $115 per session ($10 discount), and the travel cost will be split between the group.

    Canine therapies

    Costs from $40 per session for each dog, plus travel

    All payments are to be paid on the day of treatment and do not include travel. Discounts are given to 4 or more dogs at the same venue.