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Thank you for your feedback

I believe feedback from my clients is important, so others can share their stories as I am all about educating owners and helping horses. If you'd like to share your story with Sarah Linton and any photos along with it, please email


Sarah also offers $10 discount off your next session if you would like to write her a Google Review on her Google listing (link here), to thank you for your trouble and to show her appreciation.

April Goldsmith

I've been using Sarah for nearly 8 years now, and really appreciate her skills and expertise. I know my horses are in good hands, and ensuring their saddles fit correctly has made a huge difference when I ride. I like that she can travel to me, as the horses are always more relaxed at home, and they certainly love their massages!

Katie Bryant

Sarah has been treating my various horses over the years with marvellous success. The things I admire is how up front she is, how she explains what shes doing for what reasons and expects us, the clients to complete homework/ carry on with her work to help our horses untill she can return. Sarah has often had to work in with my own direction on certain saddle treeless types but shes always found a way to work them best for my horses. It's also just lovely to catch up and hear her funny stories about her travels. My baby horse injured her not long ago and she came back the next day to finish his body work 😳 nows that what I call dedicated!

Katie Watson

Sarah is amazing at what she does! I have learnt so much from her to keep my horses happy and making sure my saddles are perfect! I have seen huge improvement in both my horses from the work she does

Lillian Clayton-Greene

Between Covid and winter weather I think Sarah and I have had the worst luck in getting appointments. Rebooking only to have to change again. But boy was it worth persisting! She is fantastic, and willing to share her wealth of knowledge. The improvement we have seen in both our horses is remarkable. I recommend her to everybody and proudly boost about my happy horses.

Karen Ogle

Sarah is amazing, she has helped us with quite a few hard to fit horses. Her expertise is valuable, we are very lucky to have her in our area. Our horses are certainly a lot more comfortable and happy with Sarah keeping an eye on our saddles.

Rosa C

Sarah has been absolutely wonderful. My gelding had a few saddle fitting issues which she has helped identify and resolve over two sessions. He is doing so much better and feeling like himself again. Sarah focuses a lot on education during her sessions, from massage techniques to saddle fitting advice - I always learn so much from her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a saddle fitter/body worker. It’s a shame she isn’t based in Wellington but she is always available for remote assessments and replies very quickly to any questions you might have between visits.

Darelle Marie

Sarah is very versatile when it comes to horses. She has fitted saddles for me and given my boys a massage. You know that they are really enjoying it when their mouths quiver and they drool. She is so at ease with horses that they just relax and enjoy their pampering. I wouldn't use anyone else - ever!

Esther Donkersloot

Sarah is the go to person to keep your horse happy in his body and under the saddle! She is a wealth of knowledge and her combination of saddle fitting, checking and body work is exactly what every rider needs! Also she makes sure she gives you homework to empower yourself to look after your equine friend even better. She is in one word AMAZING.

Trish Dakin

Always had amazing services from Sarah form the first time I used her, I love how she looks at the whole picture including the gear you use, talks you through everything she finds and even shows you what you need to do. The best thing is she doesn't rush through, she takes her time to work on your horse. Recommended her to anyone.

Val Taylor

Sarah is a fantastic Equine Therapist, her attention to detail is second to none and I would not have any one else touch my horse.

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