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Sarah Linton is available for demos to groups around the country

I give demos around the country to spread awareness of saddle fitting, signs of soreness and what to look for. Demos are a great way to fundraise for your club for bigger groups, whilst receiving valuable information on how to spot saddle fit and soreness issues, and picking the right saddle for your horse.

I currently offer two types of demos – The Saddle Fitting Demo and the Gait Assessment and Massage Demo. I only ask for $150+travel to do a demo, but keep in mind clubs usually charge for attendance to these clinics, ie, if 10 people attended and you charged $15 each, it covers most of my cost. If you have 20–30 people attend, you are then raising money above and beyond my fees.

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Saddle Fitting Demo
In this demo, we look at different saddles, go through what to look for first in the saddle (manufacturing, defects, packing, gullet channels, etc), and we also identify signs of soreness and the possibility of unevenness in the rider that may be affecting the horse.
Gait Assessment & Massage Demo
In this demo we look at different horses being put through their paces, learning about how each horse moves differently. I then show you some massage movements for you to try on your own horse.
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