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What kind of saddle rack do you use?

Saddle racks can cause all sorts of problems to your packing and leave marks on your saddle panels. So, imagine your dismay when your saddle fitter tells you your panels of your saddle have dents in them likely from your saddle rack, and your recently topped up even panels are now all soft in front. Then they proceed to take you and your saddle to the rack to double check.

A saddle rack that just goes through the middle of your gullet channel is the ideal choice for your general purpose, dressage or jump saddles and generally doesn’t cause any problems.

Have a feel down your panels and look for marks, indentations and specific soft spots towards the front of panels to tell if yours is causing problems. Sit your saddle on top of rack to see if matches up with the rails of your saddle rack and if you have any indentations.

Don’t forget to check the one in your horse float as well. Feel free to send me any photos if you want me to have a look for you!

This kind of saddle rack causes lots of problems

One similar to this is ideal and generally wont damage your panels and the packing


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