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What Sarah needs for Remote Saddle Fitting Assessments

  • Make of saddle, seat and gullet size and what the packing is like (feel down the panels), new or second hand, how old if second hand.

  • Whole horse side view photo if I haven’t seen your horse before. (with all of these photos it doesn’t matter what side)

  • Then whole horse side view with just the saddle on.

  • Then whole horse side view with all your gear and rider on. (make sure I can see the saddle)

  • Then I need videos of Walk and Rising Trot. If you are comfortable to canter send that through as well. If trying a jump saddle – some canter in two point is also helpful. These again need to be whole horse and rider side view – don’t cut feet or heads off. Doesn’t matter what side. Make sure I can see the saddle and you haven’t got any clothing hanging over the saddle. You need to instruct your videographer where to stand and where you are going to ride past to get the best video. Ideally, I need 10 – 15 meters of each gait to see what I need to see. Here’s a rough example below. (I couldn’t find a good ridden cartoon horse!)

  • Also consider what your lighting is like. If its really dark or you are focusing into the sun, I’m not going to be able to see things clearly. Let me know if you are using any special kind of saddle blankets or extra padding as well.

You can send these photos and videos via email – make them a small file. Either email them to or fb messenger

Remember I don’t need 50 photos of each thing. Just one good one of each.


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