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I allow 2 hours for a session and go over your horse's case history you will have provided with me, do a gait assessment, check muscle development, look for soreness and check all saddles used on the horse.

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“I love having a happy horse, and for the first time we are going forward with our training...I have learnt so much! It has been such a great investment - thank you on behalf of my happy horses!” - Nikki

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Sarah Linton travels over most of New Zealand visiting clients.

Sarah is currently injured and is not taking on any new clients. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Young or Old. English or Western. Pleasure or Performance.
Your horse is always happier with bodywork and a well-fitted saddle.

Sarah Linton is all for the well being, health and happiness of your horse. We all want the best health and performance from our horses. So along with a good diet, regularly maintained feet and teeth, a well fitted saddle and correct and varied exercise program, there are Equine Therapies and Saddle Fitting services which can help with health, maintenance and healing for the whole horse.

By offering a range of therapies and saddle fitting, Sarah can help with a variety of problems that may occur. Prevention and maintenance is the key.