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Over 18 years experience, offering a range of different therapies with a holistic approach.
I fit all makes and styles of saddles including english, endurance, stock and western.
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Prices & FAQs
I allow 2 hours for a session. I go over your horse's case history, do a gait assessment, check muscle development, look for soreness and check all saddles used on the horse.

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"I love having a happy horse, and for the first time we are going forward with our training ... I have learned so much! It has been such a great investment – thank you on behalf of my happy horses!"

– Nikki
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Sarah Linton has traveled around most of New Zealand visiting clients. Currently based in the Waikato, but will travel to other areas for groups.
Sarah is all for the wellbeing, health and happiness of your horse.
We all want the best health and performance from our horses. So along with a good diet, regularly maintained feet and teeth, a well fitted saddle and correct and varied exercise program, there are Equine Therapies and Saddle Fitting services which can help with health, maintenance and healing for the whole horse.
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What happens in a session?
I allow 2 hours for a session! We go over your horse's detailed case history (which you would have provided me with via a case form I give you), and discuss their training and exercise programme, health issues or accidents they may have had, goals you have plus a lot of other information.

For all session information, read the FAQs.
Recent posts
All my saddle fitting and signs of soreness information, articles, posts and photos – including case studies, therapies and series – can be found in my Blog.
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